Penguins the movie review

Aloha! I been waiting for this review for awhile. Right now my favorite movie is penguins! Its suuuch a cute movie that kids will love. This movie made me love them even more. This is a documentary about a penguin named steve and his journey as a penguin. Ed helms is the narrator and he [...]


Blue makeup look

Aloha! So I finally got a day off so I wanted to try a different color since I always use pink on my eyes. I went to use take me to brazil palette. I absolutely loove this look. This is so cute. I love using different colors on my eyes instead of nudes. Pink and [...]

March favorites 2019

Aloha! So these are the products that I absolutely love this month! Its not much because I didnt get to use the other products since I been working alot lately. 1. Eyeshadow shields Best product for me. It makes it easy to apply eyeshadows and eyeliner. Im horrible at putting eyeliner because there never even [...]