Whats in my closet!?

Aloha! So I missed yesterday's blog.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ sorry you guys. Today Im going to show and tell you guys whats in my closet. Don't mind my messy ness. Lol Lets start with the bottom of my closet. So this half I have all my sandals and my shoes. Then I have my daiso bag that has [...]


Blue makeup look

Aloha! So I finally got a day off so I wanted to try a different color since I always use pink on my eyes. I went to use take me to brazil palette. I absolutely loove this look. This is so cute. I love using different colors on my eyes instead of nudes. Pink and [...]

March favorites 2019

Aloha! So these are the products that I absolutely love this month! Its not much because I didnt get to use the other products since I been working alot lately. 1. Eyeshadow shields Best product for me. It makes it easy to apply eyeshadows and eyeliner. Im horrible at putting eyeliner because there never even [...]