Sierra Burgess is a Loser Review

Hey everybody! OMG, I watched Sierra Burgess is a Loser the day it released and it was soon good! You guys have to watch it if you haven't yet. Im so obsess right now. I even downloaded the album on spotify. For those who doesn't know what this movie is, its about a girl pretending [...]

Yogurstory review

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't been posting. I haven't been doing anything fun lately except the other day. So the other day I went to eat at Yogurstory with my friends. This restraunt is soooo good. But it is a little pricey though. It ranged from $10-$20. This isn't my first time trying this place. [...]


For those who didn't know. I have a youtube channel. Its cocochanel808. I made a youtube channel because i wanted to try it out. I watch a lot of youtube. So my channel is vlogging but i am also trying to put like makeup tutorials and hauls. But i don't have any makeup tutorials on [...]


On August 3,2018. One of the best days of this year. I  got to go toHALSEY!! It was such an amazing concert. I loved it so much! Even though I don't really like to sing or dance, I still had a lot of fun. I got to go with my best friends. It was our [...]


OK, where to begin. So heres a backstory about going on a trip this year. I have not gone off the island since 2015. (Big island 2016 doesn't count since it was only to another island lol) I Went to vegas twice that year because I turned 21. So last year, I really wanted to [...]