Penguins the movie review

Aloha! I been waiting for this review for awhile. Right now my favorite movie is penguins! Its suuuch a cute movie that kids will love. This movie made me love them even more. This is a documentary about a penguin named steve and his journey as a penguin. Ed helms is the narrator and he [...]


Happy new year!

Aloha everybody! I know its kind of late but I want to say happy new year to everybody! This year is going to be awesome. Im going to try and post more this year. Im really excited for this year. I hope everybody had a good new years eve! I started off horrible this year [...]

Yogurstory review

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't been posting. I haven't been doing anything fun lately except the other day. So the other day I went to eat at Yogurstory with my friends. This restraunt is soooo good. But it is a little pricey though. It ranged from $10-$20. This isn't my first time trying this place. [...]