My Newest Makeup Pallet

Hello! I would like to share my newest makeup pallet that I absolutely love so much. This pallet came out awhile ago but girl its to die for. My birthday was feb 27 and I had a party on the 29th. I invited my friend from my job but she couldnt make it so she [...]

The feels

Hey guys! It's September 8,2019! Time flew by sooo fast. The reason why I put the title as " The feels" is because lately I haven't been feeling myself. If you don't know me, Im a happy, loud, hilarious person. I love to make people laugh. Seeing people smile and happy makes me happy. But [...]

Happy new year!

Aloha everybody! I know its kind of late but I want to say happy new year to everybody! This year is going to be awesome. Im going to try and post more this year. Im really excited for this year. I hope everybody had a good new years eve! I started off horrible this year [...]