My Newest Makeup Pallet


I would like to share my newest makeup pallet that I absolutely love so much. This pallet came out awhile ago but girl its to die for.

My birthday was feb 27 and I had a party on the 29th. I invited my friend from my job but she couldnt make it so she got me a gift! she was asking me whats my favorite brand and I said Jeffree star. His pallets is the best! But anyway she said she was going to get me his newest pallet which was the blood lust pallet. To die for. I really wanted that one. I was going to die if she actually got me that but as you may know whenever he has a new pallet out, its always sold out for a long time. So she couldnt get me it so she got me his blue blood pallet! The one I am missing!! I was so excited to get it! Here is a picture of the pallet

This is the outside of it. Gorgeous! It gives me cinderella vibes. It looks heavy but its actually super light.
This is the inside of it! Gorgeous colors. The shadows is so soft and buttery. Very pigmented. I fell in love once i got it.

I havent gotten to play with it until last month because I was working like half of march and the rest we got laid off. So I took the time and I finally got to play with it. Heres some pictures of me wearing the shadows.

Here is more info about the pallet.

You can buy it either on his website or

It retails at $52. It has 18 pressed shadows. Vegan and cruelty free, which is good.

Its actually in stock right now so you guys should definitely get it!

Have a nice and beautiful day, stay safe, and god bless.💙



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