My Morning Routine


Ever since this quarantine, I have made a daily routine. My body is now use to it. But to be honest I have set this routine for the past 2 weeks.

So the first thing that I do is check the time. If I wake up before 6:50am then I am listening to music. I love my music so much. Here is a photo of what I been listening to.

Most of the playlist is the ones I made. But Im really obsessed with saint JHN though❤️

When it is 6:50am I get up, brush my teeth, and I change into work out clothes.

After I change I use to go downstairs and work out but because there is something wrong with the xbox one, I work out in my room and I put youtube on. I use to go to the gym but because it shut down due to covid-19 I cant go but I also quit because they charged me for it when its closed. So now I just do homework outs. Right now I been doing workouts from Pamela Reif. Her workouts are super fun, easy, but yet hard. You definitely feel the burn. I am on week two of her work outs and here is the weekly plan for it.

So I skip the rest days and save it for the weekend because I dont want to work out when hes home😂

After I finish working out I take a shower, make my coffee and I watch the news. After I drink my coffee then I make my breakfast. Starting today Im going to be going back on keto because I gained so much weight during this quarantine 😅

When I am done with all of that then its off to bible studies. I do it in my room because now I finally got myself a desk. I really needed it.

So that is my morning routine! I hope this will motivate you into making a routine because it feels really good when you have one and you feel motivated in the morning.

Have a bless day and stay safe!💙



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