My Quarantine life

Hello! What a year its been! Even though its only the ending of april. This year we all been through a lot. This covid-19 has ruined a lot of peoples lives. It killed many people and a lot of people has lost their jobs. Im one of those unemployed people. To be honest I dont hate it but I also don’t like it either. I really want to go back to my normal job but I’m not sure how thats going to be because my job deals with crowds on the weekend especially.

If you dont know already I am from hawaii. I live on oahu. State wide we have 606 cases but on oahu we have 396 cases. Not bad compared to most states and all around the world. We havent had a case in awhile for our island.

Being quarantined is crazy. I became a makeup artist, chef, and a dancer. lmao. Its like what a meme said “ we are watching quarantine got talent.”😂 I laugh at that because all of the people is learned new things. Things that we didnt expect our self doing.

I want to share pictures of how hawaii looks during this quarantine.

Here is a picture of aulani/ko’olina. Barely anyone on the beaches very rare siting.
This is waikiki walls. Nobody on the beaches except those people who isn’t suppose to be there lol

There is videos of waikiki being a ghost town which is crazy because waikiki is never empty. Theres always tourists but now they cant come unless they do the 14 day quarantine when they land.

Pretty soon hawaii will be opening up but only businesses where there isnt to much human contact. Im just waiting for my company to go to normal but to be honest I’m getting paid more to just stay home which i ain’t complaining lol

But yeah thats just something I wanted to share because not much people knows about hawaii during this covid unless they are reading articles and keeping updated.

Please stay safe and always wear a mask and sanitize your guys hands. Go out when you legit have to. 🙏🏻



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