Kylie skin review


How is everybody doing during this pandemic? I hope all is well.

So Before this pandemic I bought the kylie skin products. I really wanted to try them because a lot of people said its good. So I been using it for the past month maybe or 2. And girl let me get started with this. I will say a review for each product that I have used.

These are the products I have tried. Facial cleanser, milk toner, moisturizer, and face serum.

Lets begin with the face cleanser:

This is her foaming face wash. It retails at $24. So the price isnt to bad. The product has kiwi seed oil, vitamin c and e. I actually like this product because it does feel like your face is clean. It does have a little scent but its not to strong. The only thing i dont like about this product is the bottle. Its hard to pump. You can pump it but gets stuck a little and then after awhile then the pump goes back to normal. But one pump can do your whole face. I recommend this product. 8/10

Next is the milk toner:

This is the vanilla milk toner. It retails af $22. Again the price isnt to bad coming from a kylie jenner brand. This is made with avocado oil, kiwi seed oil and apple extract. I absolutely love the smell of this product and how it doesnt burn your skin knowing its a toner. Its not harmful at all. But Im not sure if it actually does the job because I do not see any difference in my skin. This product does not have any alcohol in it which is good. I guess thats why it doesnt burn my skin lol so her website says its suppose to unclog pores, purify and minimize the pores. So i guess i have to try and take a before and after picture because at this point i feel and look the same. If your just looking for something to help with your pores then id recommend this. Id rate it at a 7/10

Third is the face serum:

This is the vitamin c serum. It retails at $28. Thats a little pricey for a small bottle. Its the smallest but yet the most expensive one yet. This has vitamin c, camellia olefera leaf(antioxidant) and its fragrance free. To be honest this product kine of smells stink. I dont like the smell of it. So this product is suppose to penetrate the skin to help brighten and improve skin health. So far again I feel and look the same. So for me the product isnt working for me. You only apply once in the morning and right before you sleep. Do I recommend this product? No. Not really especially for that price. I would rate this at 5/10

Lastly is the moisturizer:

This is the face moisturizer. Retails at $24. Not bad. This product has shea butter, sodium hyaluronate, banana leaf extrat, oat bran extract, and organe peel extract. This is also fragrance free. The smell of this product is alright not as bad as the vitamin c serum.i use this product fro my face and neck. It actually does do the job its suppose to do. So I recommend this product. You can use it in the morning and night also. I rate this a 9/10

If you made it this far for my review i want to say thank you so much for taking your time and reading it. Over all with the products that i tried id recommend 5/10 some does its jobs and some doesn’t. But then again everybody’s skin is different. This is based off of me only. So don’t hate me if it works for you or not. Everybody is different so keep that in mind. If you really want to try it all go for it and let me know how it goes for you because i would love to know. The packaging is so chic so thats why i like it to. My favorite color is pink so her brand just attracts me to it. Lol so thats why i wanted to try her products. I honestly want to try her whole line to see if the others is good or not.

But any way thank you again! stay safe out there! 6ft apart at all times and dont forget to wear a mask when you guys go out!



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