This really sucks. I honestly hate this virus thats going around. It affected a lot of people. I really want this to be over with. Today i was informed that I am officially laid of from work and now I have to find a new job. Honestly i have thee badest luck of getting jobs. I think its because of my interviews lol im horrible at it. So many people has lost their jobs because of this. How are we suppose to pay our bills when we lost our jobs and that unemployment is backed up. And some of the bills we have still charges us a late fee even though they fricken know whats going on with the world. So fucked up in my opinion. Companies should just put everything on pause until we can start paying for it again. i really dont know whats going to happen with me know. Like honestly, i wish it was 2019 again lol thats my little rant of the night. Thanks for reading this if you made it this far lol

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