Having confidence


So I always wanted to take pictures of my self for the gram but I was always afraid to go and take them. I was afraid to go out by myself to take pictures in public because im afraid people would stare at me and post me on the internet saying something like ” look at this weirdo taking pictures of her self.” Or something like that. But the ending of 2019 I tood my self that 2020 I wont live in fear or care what people think but I ended up still caring. But 2 days ago I asked my friend if she goes to the beach by her self and she said yes she does all the time and she loves it. Im like giiirl I really need to just go to the beach by myself or go out and take photos and she said yes you should. She does it becaue she isnt on anybody elses time only hers and shes not going to let people bring her down. If she wants to do something she will do it with or with out anyone. I told her this is why i love her because she doesnt care and she does what she wants to do. She is my motivation so I actually went out this morning to the beach and I took photos! So here are some photos I took.

Building confidence is a must. I believe everyone should learn it and live it because you only live once and you should live your life happy by being you and doing what you want to do with out someone telling you cant because YOU CAN.

Let this year be your year! 2020 has been so awesome so farπŸ’–πŸ˜ŒπŸ™‚



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