Trying afternoon tea


This past wednesday me and my friend got to try afternoon tea for the first time! It was super good. Even though it was finger foods, we b both got really full from it. It was such a fancy place. If you  guys come to hawaii I will give info about it down below.


Hours of operation

Sunday-Saturday 11am-10pm


Afternoon Tea special: 2 for $18


I have a youtube video if you guys would like to check it out.

Here is the link:

Afternoon tea


It is such a classy place that I felt rich lmao Everything is so pretty there. Theres calming music that places through out the whole day. The set up of the food is pretty and the workers there is super nice. I would totally recommend this place to anyone. After I went, the next day my friend said she had to check it out lol Im not sure what’s her thoughts of it but the price isn’t so bad either. Im not to sure about the night time prices though. But If you come to hawaii looking to eat some place for lunch you guys should really check this place out.


coco chanel



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