Sunflower patch

Hey guys!

Last month was my first time going to the sunflower patch! It was super cool and fun. I went to the waimanalo country farms. It was my first time at that place. It was really cool because there was goats and cows and donkeys that you get to see.

You can go on a hay ride, take pictures, and even drink their really good lemonades. I had a li hing mui lemonade and it was suuper good.

You guys should check it out if you guys come down to visit in October.

Here is more info of them:

Month of October their hours is M-W 9-4pm, TH & F 9-12pm, SAT & SUN 9-5pm. $3 admission. Kids 2 and under is free. You can even pick a sunflower to take home and a pumpkin.

I know im a month late but at least for next year you guys would know what to do for October if you visit hawaii lol

I hope next year I will go again. Taking pictures with sunflowers is really cool but you have to watch out the bees lol

Have a nice day!



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