The feels

Hey guys!

It’s September 8,2019! Time flew by sooo fast. The reason why I put the title as ” The feels” is because lately I haven’t been feeling myself. If you don’t know me, Im a happy, loud, hilarious person. I love to make people laugh. Seeing people smile and happy makes me happy. But now Im not in the mood for it anymore. I get really annoyed easily, I don’t smile as much, and Im more serious. Those things don’t make me happy at all. People lately been asking me if I’m ok because they say I been looking a little bit down lately which I am. But I just tell then Im ok even though Im really not ok.

I tell people Im ok because I feel like people deep down doesn’t care what I feel or what I go through. To me its just easier to say Im ok so I don’t have to explain myself. In person I’m really horrible with words. Thats why I rather text it out or something.

Yesterday I told one of my coworkers that all I do is eat now and he asked me if Im depressed. I was actually thinking am I depress? Because I really have no idea if I am. So I asked my friend and she told me maybe Im not depress maybe Im just stressed. Then I look at it and maybe I am just stressed out with everything. Ill explain in a different post of what is the things Im stressed out because I can go on forever lol

I use to talk to my friends about everything but I cant because I feel like they don’t even care. They just care about what they go through. So everything that is happening Im holding it all in and thats why I feel like crying all the time because I have no one to talk about any of it.

I figured I should just write blog post of everything that is happening right now so I can just let it out somehow instead of letting it get built up on the inside and exploding later on.

But thats it for this blog post! Follow me if you want to keep up with my future posts! 💖

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