Rocketman Movie Review

Hey guys!

I recently saw the movie Rocketman.

This movie is about the early life of Elton John. From his young days to his drug days and until he got help from rehab. Its a musical. So if you don’t like musicals I wouldn’t recommend it but if you don’t mind it then yall should watch it.

This movie is actually good and I seen it twice already. To be honest I don’t know anything about Elton John but now I do because of this movie.

The cast did such an amazing job on pursuing his life. I had to google what Elton thought about the movie and apparently he didnt really do much interviews but he did had a lot of say in making this film and he approved the cast and how Taron did a good job at playing him. He even gave advice to him on how to play the part. People say he didnt do a good job because he didnt sound like Elton but Elton is the one who said not to copy him and not to think about how to sing exactly like him.

But please and watch it. Its actually a good movie💕



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