Intruder and Ugly Dolls Movie Review


Aloha !

Welcome to movie review fridays! I recently watched intruder and man this was actually a good movie. Made me jump a lot lol

This movie is about a couple who buys a house from a guy who thinks the house is still his when he sold it to the  couple. He is always at the house everyday when he told them that he was moving in with his daughter in Florida. The husband and friend was catching on to the guy because he already gives a sketchy vibe.

That was a little something about the movie with out telling too much. This movie makes you wanna think about safety wise by putting cameras around your house because now days there is so many sketchy people that looks normal but deep down they’re not.

If you have the time to watch it you guys really should.

I also watched ugly dolls the same day I watched Intruder.


This movie was alright. Wasn’t the best.

This movie is about how this doll wants to go to the big world to find a human who would like her.So she ended up in a city called perfection and the main guy in that city told the dolls that they are ugly and nobody wants an ugly doll but later on she finds out that flaws is what makes us different and unique.

So the moral of the movie is good. Its a musical by the way. I like musicals but this movie isn’t something Id watch again even though I love kid movies depending on what it is. lol

Take your kids to see maybe they will like it.



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