Top mascaras


Yaas I been wanting to post this. Even though I dont have many favorites of mascara because I legit only tried 3 mascaras in my life time lol I will tell you guys my 2 favorite mascaras that I absolutely looove.

1. RX extend illusion-

To be honest I have never heard of this brand in my life but I really was in need of a new mascara and it said that it makes your lashes long so I was like why not🤷🏻‍♀️ so I bought and bam this was my favorite. The only one i wanted to fricken use! Lol if you havent tried it yet I suggest you guys go to walmart and go buy it because it really does make your lashes long. Thats why I barely use fake lashes anymore.

2. Lights camera lashes by tarte

Omg everybody knows this mascara lol so I dont have to go into depth about this one but damn I recently just tried this mascara couple months back and damn it was really good. Like I only have a travel size one but shiiit this mascara is bomb af also. This also makes my lashes pretty long too💕 a girl loves long lashes haha

So those are my two favorite mascaras that I go back and forth with. 10/10 recommended. Yall need to try them if you havent.



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