The key to having a productive week


The key to having a productive week is simple. Always have something to do. You can always plan out your week ahead of time.

These are 5 ways that I plan my week.

1. Having a job-

If you have a full time or part time job then you can plan around your job schedule. I write down when I have work so I dont make plans during that day or time that I work. Writing it down helps out a lot.

2. Gym-

Having gym time is everything. Well to me at least. Going to the gym in the morning helps out. It actually keeps me up and energized. Just spend at least 1-2 hours in the day at the gym. Its something to look forward to in the morning or at night. I recommend in the morning because when I use to go at night I get super lazy and dont even want to work out at all.

3. Plan out your outfits-

The night before you should plan out the outfit that your going to wear for an event or an outing. Its better doing it that way because then you dont have to spend so much time trying to figure out what your going to wear.

4. Have a morning routine-

Having a routine keeps you energized and awake because your body gets used to it. Meaning waking up at a certain time like for me my body is use to waking up at 7am where I dont really need an alarm to wake up anymore.

5. What motivation videos-

When you watch things on YouTube about motivation and stuff then you can get a glimpse of how to stay active and motivated to do things.

After all these 5 keys, the number one thing you should not do is be lazy. Its the worst thing to do. I regret being lazy because it doesn’t get you nowhere. If you setup your week and follow through then that will leas to other opportunities.



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