Aulani resort review in hawaii


Today is hotel review thursday! Ill be reviewing hotels on Oahu. I have stayed at alot of hotels and if you guys have no idea what hotel to stay at then follow my blog and Ill keep you guys updated.

Aulani is one of my favorite hotels. Not only because its disney but its super nice there. The scenery is gorgeous, the workers are friendly, the pool is super fun, and the beach is also fun.

I got to stay at a villa here with my friends back in 2012. I know its been a hot minute since I been there. But what can I say, it was such a fun experience.

Disclaimer: Not my photos. I couldnt find the pictures from that time.

This is what the villa looked like when I went. It was huge!! Me and my friends had so much fun here. There was like 20 of us in this room lol we stayed here because senior prom was at the hotel next to us. But me and two other friends didn’t go to prom because we didn’t want to.

The price of this room was like $1k something. Im not sure the exact amount of it but it was really expensive but because we had alot of us we split it so each of us had to pay like $89 each. How can us high schoolers afford this when none of us had jobs? Good question because I don’t even know how we could afford it. But we also had a discount of the room because my friends mom worked there as a housekeeper.

If you have a big family and want a family oriented hotel, you guys should really consider staying here because you can even eat breakfast with the characters at the breakfast buffet. I have not eaten at the restraunts there which I really want to.

If you have kids theres alot of activities for them to do. For adults theres a gym, nail salon, and even a spa. Its such a fun exciting hotel experience that you dont want to miss out on.

If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free in commenting down below.



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