Whats in my closet!?


So I missed yesterday’s blog.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ sorry you guys. Today Im going to show and tell you guys whats in my closet. Don’t mind my messy ness. Lol

Lets start with the bottom of my closet. So this half I have all my sandals and my shoes. Then I have my daiso bag that has a lot of junks that was on top of my dresser. Its like storage right now until I can buy me a dresser to put in my closet for my other clothes. Moving on. On top of my shoe boxes I have hats and my work shirt. I was to lazy to put it away so I just put it there. Lol.

Now we got part of my clothes and I hang my backdrops on hangers so its not messy and its easy to find. On the top I have my books and my yearbooks from high school. Plus another daiso bag.

Yas my favorite part. In the bags on the bottom is ALL my Christmas shenanigans. Every year after Christmas I stock up on wrapping paper, gift boxes,etc. I got two bags full of Christmas stuff. Thats why its my favorite time of the year even though I hate itπŸ˜‚ Lastly theres more clothes plus you can see my graduation gown from senior year. Its the yellow one if you didnt know.

On the top is my container that is legit full of anything in it. It has alot of bags that I know of because I forget what else is in it.

Thats all the things I have in my closet. Not to many fun things.




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