My past relationship


So todays topic is kind of touchy for me. I don’t really like to talk about it anymore because its so old news already. But the reason why I want to talk about my relationship is because next weeks topic has to deal with it.

Im going to talk about it from the beginning to the end about this relationship because it was my only relationship.

HOW WE MET- This was a funny story. We actually had eachother in ceramics class in our senior year and maybe 2nd quarter I think or maybe 3rd, he transferred to a different class. I didn’t like him because I thought he was the most ugliest kid ever and he thought I was super annoying lol

AFTER GRADUATION- I legit started talking to him at one of our friends graduation party I didn’t know they was friends. We instantly clicked. We both was invited to our other friends graduation party so we both went together with our some friends to that party. We exchanged numbers and whatever. We started to kind of hang out and stuff. We realized we had a lot of mutual friends and we didn’t know because nobody would talk about us and when we would hang out with our friends, me and him was never there together.

HOW/WHEN WE STARTED TO DATE- I told him that I liked him even though I wasn’t sure if I liked him or not but frick I just told him anyway. I forgot how he felt at the time but what I remember is that at that time he stopped liking me because I said something mean to him and he didn’t like that. Buuut I don’t even remember what I said to him lol but apparently it was mean. But fast forward to when we actually made it official. We made it official on November 29,2013.

WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE FIRST YEAR- This was a tough year. It was horrible. During the first month we broke up because his friend was doing something that he didn’t want him to do so he dragged me with him and my ex was mad and thought it was my idea so he broke up with me or we almost broke up I forget lol almost the whole year we would argue alot and break up. I hated it.

SECOND YEAR- This yea was also a roller coaster. We both wasn’t good people to each other. Idk how to even explain this year. I guessI started to see his true colors and I didn’t like it. Id call him out and shit and he would turn around and try to manipulate the situation to where its my fault when its not but I was dumb enough to believe him. The whole year was like it and it was getting really irritating.

LAST YEAR OF RELATIONSHIP- This year he said no more bullshit and I agreed and what happened? He gave me so much bullshit. I could tell the relationship was going to end soon because he didn’t want to hang out with me and he didn’t even want to talk to me. He was to busy talking to other “friends” who is girls. And guys to cause he had gaming friends. So April 1( i think ), 2016 we ended it. We lasted for 3 years and to be honest I was devastated when he legit broke it off Im not sure why I was depressed and stuff because we argued way to much.

THAT SUMMER/FALL OF 2016- This is where it gets juicy. So I had a close girlfriend of mine where we would text all day and hang out alot because my ex and her boyfriend at the time was best friends. But I knew my ex liked her from the beginning because he would always talk about her and stuff. I actually asked him if they was dating but they said no and she told me she would never date him. Yea well think again because later in 2016 they started dating and they made it official. It really broke me because I was suppose to be super close to her and they both lied to me about liking eachother. But everybody else knew they was dating because they was hanging out alot with out me even knowing. 2016 was a fucked up year for me. I lost 2 people who I actually cared alot for. And till this day apparently they are still together.

So this was the story of my relationship. Stay tuned for next weeks post because Im going to talk about what I learned from this relationship and how I actually felt and who was hurt by everything.

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