Self love + Care kit


So I just want to start off saying I will be doing different types of blogs everyday. I love to talk about different things so I decided why not talk about my favorite different category’s on different days every week. So this is how its going to be from now on.

Sundays- Self/ Motivation

Mondays- Relationships

Tuesdays- Beauty

Wednesday- Fashion

Thursday- Travel

Friday- Movie/ Tv show reviews

Now lets get into todays topic.

Self love. To me self love is sooo important to have. You cant love anybody unless you love yourself first. I been trying to get into self love for awhile now.

I grew up where my dad would always say that you cant rely on anyone but your self. To me that kind of taught me on how to be independent because today I dont rely on anyone for anything.

Self love can be a mental and physical thing.

Mentally- The way that I did this was that I had to love having my own company. Meaning loving to be by myself. Having “you” time is always important. Takes away from reality and just enjoying your own company by being relax. Taking deep breaths. That helped me a lot too for some reason lol

What also helps with being mentally self loved is being positive. The way you think of things helps out a lot. I use to be a negative person but now I try not to. Always try to see the positive of things because good things happen to those who do.

Physical- I go to the gym to help me stay in shape. I want to be physically healthy. I just started to go back to the gym again. Taking care of your body is a way to self love. Im also trying to do the keto diet because it would help me lose weight and live a healthy life.

In the mornings I like to drink my coffee and then deep cleanse my face, toner, and a mask if I feel like it lol when i go to the gym in the morning i feel more alive and that I have energy for the rest of the day. I think making that decision of going to the gym in the morning was a right decision because I use to go late at night and I just felt drained for some reason.

Changing your routines helps out a lot because you can find a way that helps you out more then the routine your use to.

The care kit you really need is basically yourself. You dont need anyone to make you happy or feel some type a way. Think positive and do what you love. Do things that makes you happy.



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