How I organize my makeup brushes


Its been a hot minute since I made a blog post.

Last month I went shopping on the wish app and I seen these cute little cups where you can put things in it. I figured I could use it for my makeup brushes so I bought 3 of them for like $7 for shipping.

Here is how I did it.

1 cup is for face brushes, 1 cup for eye brushes, and one cup for sponges.

I love how this came out because now I can jus grab what I need instead of always have to trying to find certain brushes. My eye brushes is always hidden behind the face brushes which I get irritated of.

I also bought these because my sister gave me her 6 cubbyhole dresser thing. Im not sure whats it called but I wanted to put them in the cubbyholes to make it cute or whatevahh lol

Im trying to redo my room but I need to find me an affordable clear dresser so I can put my clothes in and put it in my closet so I can use my cubbyhole dresser thing to hold my tv and stuff.

I kind of wanted to use it as a background when I film videos. But ok I’m getting off subject lol once i finish my room I’ll probably make a post of it.

If you havent shopped on the wish app you guys should because they have alot of cute chea stuff on there where most of the items you jus have to pay for shipping. They have alot of cheap makeup brushes and stuff too. I didn’t personally bought them but I always wanted to try it because there cheap for a 10 pack and stuff.

Comment down below if you guys have bought anything from the wish app. Im so curious to know! 🙃




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