Goals for April 2019


Today is April 1st! Time is really going by so fast. I want to share my goals for this month and I will achieve them!πŸ’ͺ🏼 i hope lol



I feel like I can achieve this goal because I just bought me a half gallon water bottle from amazon and I would like to drink a gallon of water everyday. I havent been drinking that much water recently.

2. GYM

Omg I have not been to the gym for the past 2 weeks and I’m dying. I miss it and I want to go back to it so today I will! No matter how lazy I am, I will go to the gym.


This month I want to save at least $150 but hopefully more. I need to start paying off my credit card. I wont buy anymore makeup this month unless I ran out of something.


I want to start doing my face routine regularly and my hair routine regularly too. My body needs to be more taken care of then I thought it would. Before i wouldn’t wash my face unless I’m in the shower and I don’t do anything to my hair unless the shower and brushing it. My face is clear already as is but Because i started to use cleanser and a toner I haven’t had any pimples. I use to get like one a month. But not anymore. My hair goes back and fourth with dandruff so now I’m starting to do what my mom does so I hope it will prevent it from having a lot of dandruff.

If you guys have any theories of getting rid of dandruff please comment down below. I just know any dandruff shampoo doesnt help me.


If you don’t know, I work at a theater in hawaii. I think I’m a good worker because I do what I’m suppose to. The reason why i say i want to be a better worker is because i kind of want to be a little nicer to the employees. Im only mean because they don’t listen and there mean to me first. Well only SOME of them is like that. Theres alot of drama going down and i really just want to go there to work and get out . I just dont want to follow what other people is doing.

Those are my top 5 goals for April. I feel like i can actually accomplish them to be honest so I’m not to worried about it. Lol




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