Whats in my makeup bag?


I would like to share what in my makeup bag!

My makeup bag is from Kate spade. I got it for Christmas last year. I carry it in my purse at all times.

1. Sephora mirror

2. Advil. I tend to get headaches every so often so i carry extra. I usually jus carry one on the go advil.

3. Vagina wipes. I dont always use them but i carry just in case if i ever do remember to use it lol i started to use them just because i want to take care of my lady parts lol hygiene is everything.

4. Too faced lippie.

5. 2 eyeliners that i dont ever use lol

6. Tooth picks that i need to refill


8. Hand lotion is a must. I always have dry hands.

9.kopari lip gloss. My favorite lip gloss ever.

10. Another mascara

11. Sanrio chap stick. It stinks so i hardly use it. Smells like an eraser lol

Those are the things I carry in my makeup bag. As you can see I hardly use any of the makeup stuff in my bag lmao I mostly jus use lip gloss , toothpicks and advil.



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