Take me back to brazil eyeshadow palette by bh cosmetics review & swatches


So as you can see from the post before this I did a makeup look with the palette and I actually liked the look that I did. I did some swatches of the palette to show you guys how it looks like. I swatched it with a brush.( I know Im late to the party ) lol

Here is what the palette looks like:

Im obsessed with it because of how small it is.

Inside of the palette. Tiny little eyeshadows lol

Heres a picture of the first two rows.

Each picture I did two rows.

It becomes more pigmented when you pack on the shadow. But almost all the dark shadows is pigmented when you just swatch it once. The pinks and the darks though does kind of stain when you take them off.

You cant tell that much in the picture but in person you can see it.

My actual thoughts about this palette is that I like it and I actually do recommend it to others. The only thing I don’t like is that the shadows is tiny.

This palette right now is on sale on bh cosmetics website so you guys should go get it while it last!

I will be reviewing more of the palettes that I bought. So follow me and like this post ! 💕



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