Makeup Haul from Ulta


So today I went to ulta even though i didnt want to because i need to save money but I used my credit card.🤦🏻‍♀️ Im trying to still oay it off but I used it. Ugh. Fml. Lol

Here is a picture of the things i bought today.

My sister bought me the revolution naked chocolate palette.

I needed more sponges so I had to buy a pack of it.

I been dying to try the shape tape fam so i got the foundation & concealer.

The lady at ulta taught me how to do brows and I love how the dip brow came out so I bought the Anastasia dip brow in the shade medium brown.

Lastly is kylie cosmetics velvet liquid lipstick kit. I got the color red velvet. I love red lips so i need to get something that had a red lip liner so I just decided to get the whole kit.

Im really excited to use all of these products. I feel like playing with them right now. I’ll probably do a review about what I think about the shape tape fam to see if it’s over rated or what. But everybody seems to love it so hopefully i will too.



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