My makeup organizers


I want to share how I organize my makeup so its not a mess in my bathroom.

So the first picture is top view and second is front view. I put the main palettes that I use in the front. Theres one headband I use to hold my hair in place while putting makeup on. In the small areas in the back i put mostly blushes, highlight, translucent powder , etc.

Next is my favorite. This holds sooo much things. I legit put almost everything in the organizer. I love how it can fit all my brushes that I use. This one really helped me out. I dont have to worry about having my brushes everywhere. I really recommend this.

Lastly is this organizer. I put mostly small things in this. Most of my foundations and some other things as you can see. Nothing to special in this one.

If you guys are looking for these containers, you can find them at target, ross, tj maxx, and even amazon. Price wise isn’t to expensive .




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