Jeffree star is my favorite beauty guru!


I was trying to mimic a makeup look from Pinterest but it was a fail. So I ended up making my own look and it actually came out super nice i looove it.

Here is the look that I did.

Dont mind my double chin๐Ÿ˜‚ I feel like i do a lot of pink looks. I should start trying different colors but its hard since alot of my makeup palettes has a lot of pinks in it.

I am going to do a makeup tutorial on this look soon. I have work tonight so I cant tonight.

My goal this year is to get good at makeup, editing, and buy more makeup products. Im getting tired of just using the samething over and over again. Ill forever love jeffree star cosmetics because the palettes is soo good! The colors and the formula is the best.

Here is the products that I used to create this look.

Eye: Blood sugar palette

Blood Sugar Palette

mascara: n/a

Eye primer: n/a

Foundation: Maybeline in shade 228

Primer: N/a

Concealer: N/a

Translucent powder: Airspun

Bronzer: N/a

Blush: Amazonian clay blush

Highlighter: Heart Defensor

Lips: N/a

The ones with N/A on it is the ones I can’t find on their websites.




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