Cleaned my closet!


So the past two days me and my mom has been watching a cleaning show on Netflix. Im not sure what its called. But it really made me want to clean out my closet because i have sooo many clothes. I dont even wear half the clothes i had.

So here is a picture before cleaning :

It was hard to get rid of things because i had them for so long. But its 2019 and it is time to legit get rid of things. So the ladies method was to pile all your clothes and if it gives you joy when you hold it keep it and if it doesn’t then tell your clothes thank you for everything but its time for you to go. To be honest i already knew which ones needed to go so i through it on the ground lol so i cleaned my entire closet and got rid of all my plastic hangers because i don’t like them.

Here is an after picture of cleaning my closet:

Big difference?! I know! So crazy of how much stuff i got rid of from just my closet. Now i have to go donate alot of things. Lol I’m starting to do my dresser know and i got rid of some clothes too from it.

If you guys have alot of clothes and stuff you guys should really watch the Show on netflix. Its a cleaning show with a Japanese lady. She is super good!


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