Playing with makeup


The other night i decided to play with makeup. I was using my jaclynn hill vault palette. I really like how it came out. I just wish I had a better camera 😭. I also learned something new about my iphone camera. I didnt know you could change the settings of your camera when you record. You can really tell the difference. So when i make my next Instagram video yall will see how different it is.

But here is a picture of what my makeup looked like the other night.

I will link the products down below that i used.


Jaclyn hill vault palette!google!Product_Listing_Ads&cagpspn=pla&CATCI=pla-300240268222&CAAGID=47693291416&CAWELAID=330000200001498834&CATARGETID=330000200001270200&cadevice=m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvq2Myons4AIViB-tBh02zAefEAQYASABEgJZYfD_BwE






Setting powder:


Thank you so much for checking out this post. If i didnt put a link to a product its because they don’t have it anymore.



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