Daily face routine

Hey guys!

I wanted to share something that i been trying lately. I always wanted to try face products because it looks fun to use and i would like a clean face lol

When i went to japan i bought a face cleaner. I naturally already have nice skin so thats why i don’t use any face products besides makeup. I used that product couple times from japan and i never thought my face would be really dirty. The only time I actually clean my face is in the shower lol

So maybe about 2 weeks ago i went to walmart and i seen this trio. The brand is clean and clear. The price sticker of where it was said $4 so I’m like ok ill buy it because thats a good deal. 3 products for $4 why not🤷🏻‍♀️. I went to the self check out and of course it wasn’t actually $4 it was $12. But still thats a good deal so i bought it.

I should be using it every day but i use it maybe every other day. So far its doing good. No allergic reactions or break outs.

So to use this product, theres three steps :


What this does is it cleanse your face. It takes out all the dirt, oil, and left over makeup thats on your face. This is important to do before the next step.


Now this part is cool. It does have a super strong scent to it because it helps prevent pimples. To me it straight up smells like alcohol. It kind of stings but its like a sting trying to get rid of the bad stuff in your pores. If you don’t like strong smells then i don’t suggest you use it. It burns the eyes if you put it to close. This product is basically a toner for your skin.


I never did use a moisturizer until now. Im glad I’m starting to use this because it makes my skin feel really soft and nice. It doesn’t make my skin dry or anything.

Those are the three steps of this daily face routine that I’m starting to use. Here is a picture of it and i will post a link to it.

Don’t mind the flash. Its night time right now and the lights at my house has a yellow tone to it which i don’t like so i have to use the flash lol


Thank you for reading everything if you made it this far! Sorry if my post are really long😅

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