Current Favorite netflix movies

Hey guys!

So I been binge watching like crazy on netlix! Like i finished alot of shows and movies. I wanted to post about two of my current favorite movies on netflix right now where you can watch over and over again because that is how good they are.

So the first movie is “To all the boys i loved before.”

This movie is based off a book series if you havent known that.

This movie is about a girl named lara jean and in the past she wrote letters to 5 different guys that she liked before. But instead of mailing those letters out she kept it in a box. Years past and one day her little sister went in her room and found those letters and she MAILED them out! Lara jean didnt no until someone came up to her with the letter.

Thats a little glimpse of the story. I dont want to say to much then i would ruin it for you guys. This movie is ONLY on netlfix so if you have netlfix watch it and if you dont have netflix you should defiantly get it because theres soo many netflix movies and originals on there.

The second movie that I also looove is “The Kissing Booth.”

This movie is about a boy and a girl who is best friends all their life’s and she is super close to her best friends family. One day at school they had to think of an idea for a school function to raised money so they came up with the idea of the kissing booth. People loved the idea but ONLY if his brother flynn would do it because he is the hottest guy in the school so she said yes he would do it. And when the time came she had to be in the kissing booth since one of the girls couldn’t do it and the first guy in her line was flynn. She doesn’t no because she is blind folded.

Thats all what im going to say about that movie because you guys have to see what happens in it. Such a cute movie.

For these movies id rate them a 5/5 stars. Just thinking about these movies makes me want to watch them again! I know a lot of people who keeps watching then over and over. Lol.

Here are the trailers.

To all the boys i loved before

The kissing booth

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