Born This Way Too Faced Review

My favorite foundation and concealer right now is BORN THIS WAY .  The reason why I love this foundation is because it goes on Soo smooth and my skin looks so flawless when I apply it on. It has a lot of different shades for everybody. Even the concealer. The foundation is a pump too which makes life easier.

The concealer is the best because the applicator is huge and you don’t have to keep applying . Its the best thing ever and it is in a huge bottle too instead of those small bottles where you have to keep putting product on it because the applicator doesn’t grab enough on it. I almost forgot the important part, THE PRICE lol. So the foundation cost $39 and the concealer cost $29.Not that expensive for good products Born This Way Foundation_1






BTW Super Coverage Concealer_1


If you have not yet tried any of these products then I suggest you to go to a store near you and GET TI! You will thank me later. lol. Best thing ever. It  probably is better then the taste amazonian clay foundation. Thats just my opinion though.

Here are the links:



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