For those who didn’t know. I have a youtube channel. Its cocochanel808. I made a youtube channel because i wanted to try it out. I watch a lot of youtube. So my channel is vlogging but i am also trying to put like makeup tutorials and hauls. But i don’t have any makeup tutorials on it because i don’t have the greatest lighting in my room or equipment. To be honest, i don’t think your really need a fancy camera or anything. If you have a smart phone n good lighting, you should be good.

People think youtube is so easy. It is NOT easy. If you want to make it a career, you have to do alot.

Heres the main things you need to do for youtube:

  • Great content
  • Have to upload constantly
  • Always be your self in your videos

Editing videos takes time if you want them to be perfect. It is hard to get viewers when your new. But if you make a good thumbnail that will attract your viewers because thats the first thing people see on youtube.

I really want to make it my career but i jus don’t have an area to film or even have good lighting. Thats why i really want to have a ring light to help me out but i don’t have money for it.

If i save up i should be able to afford it but i spend so much money on food and makeup🀭 lol i got a habit i need to fix.


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