On August 3,2018. One of the best days of this year. I  got to go toHALSEY!! It was such an amazing concert. I loved it so much! Even though I don’t really like to sing or dance, I still had a lot of fun. I got to go with my best friends. It was our first concert together. It was so cool because Hawaii was her last stop of the states. Then she was off to Asia! She was lucky she got to go to Korea right after coming to Hawaii. If she comes back here, I am so down to go to another concert of hers.  I spent a lot of money at her concert because I bought a sweater and then her record. I went to play the record the next day and i was bummed because it skips. I am sad because i spent $30 on it and I can’t play it. That album is the best too. Oh well. I guess I have to buy another the next time I go to urban outfitters.

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