OK, where to begin. So heres a backstory about going on a trip this year. I have not gone off the island since 2015. (Big island 2016 doesn’t count since it was only to another island lol) I Went to vegas twice that year because I turned 21. So last year, I really wanted to go to Japan because it was my dream ever since I started to watch anime which to be honest wasn’t that long ago. I started to watch anime back in 2014?? I think.  So last year my friends went to Thailand and that made me really want to go on a trip, so I asked if they was to down to go to japan and some of them said yes. It started off with just three of us and it ended up the six of us. I was happy because more the merrier.

So July 7th 2018 came and we was off to Japan!! I was solo happy like you have no idea. My dream actually came true. It was a 7 hour flight which wasn’t that bad at all. I wish I was in first class though haha but I don’t got that kind of money to spend. We landed July 8th and 10pm. It was such an experience when we landed. People there moved so fast I was like wth. Also we had confusion of trying to get on a monorail because most of the words is in Japanese and we didn’t know which train to go on. Then my friend figured it out because he literally went to hong kong the week before lol  I was soon fascinated by the vending machines!! They was so cool because almost all the machines is different.



So we stayed in Tokyo from July 8th- July 14. It was a fun time in Tokyo. We didn’t plan this trip at all lol we just did things as the days went by. So the first day was one of my favorite days because we went to DIVER CITY!! i looove that mall so much like omg! If you didn’t go to japan before, you NEED too go to this mall. Its 6 floors and it has too many stores to shop at. My most favorite store is vanguard. I believe it is on the 6th floor. That is a good tourist store because it has a bunch of snacks to buy. It has almost everything in there but that store is super squishy. I spent like $80 in there. So that was the main thing we did that day.

The second day we didn’t do much. We just went to up garage because my friends wanted to check out a car store  and later that day they had to  stay at these cabins because the next day they went river rafting. They said it was super fun and that me and my other friend should of went but instead us girls went to TOKYO DISNEYLAND! I do not regret going there at all.

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From our air bnb it only took like an hour or hour half to get there so it wasn’t to bad. Wen we got there we spent at least 30-60 mins in the store haha I legit wanted to buy everything but I didn’t want to since that friday wen went to disney sea. We rode could rides at disneyland. It was super fun but it was hot! like i think it was like 98 degrees at the time. It was hot. We was there from 8:30am-2:30pm. Long day. I swear time went by super slow there. WE thought it was 12 wen really it was only 10am lol

Thursday was my friends birthday. So he wanted to go to a fish market so we went to Tsukiji fish market. Im not sure where it was. But it was cool cause there was a lot of shops to look at. We ate at this restaurant and sad DO NOT ask for separate checks because apparently in japan they legit hate it. They will give horrible attitude to you. But other then that lady giving us attitude we got to try some good shave ice and ice cream! Their shave ice is soo good in japan. I thought theirs won’t be as good as Hawaii but i was wrong.  Later that night we went to the sky bar. Super boujee but I guess it was worth it because we got to experience a super high class spot. I say spot because you literally just sit on couches and drink really expensive alcohol. I don’t drink so I didn’t try anything there but their burgers. It was alright not the best.

Here comes the next day, DISNEY SEA!! ugh i lived lol Super cool but different. Most of my friends didn’t want to wait for rides so I basically just only rode 2 rides. But i did buy a lot of things though.

On Saturday we got to stay in pods! its called 9 hour pods. or something like that. It was such a cool experience. I would love to stay there again lol they give you everything that you need. Just when you go to your pod you have to be quite because everybody can hear everything.


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We stayed there from July 15th-21st. I have to admit it was an experience lol Its so different from Tokyo. I legit was dying from the 100 degree weather. It is way more hotter. I can’t believe we rode our bikes for 7km one way. If you don’t know what that means, its 8 miles one way. It wasn’t fun at all. I wanted to die lol it was crazy. Wednesday or Thursday we went to Hiroshima and that was fun we went to the museum about what happened during WW2. And we finally got to go to daisy. Me and my friend was dying to go there because we wanted to buy some cheap stuff and of course I did. I spend $20 for a lot of things. On Friday two of my friends went to go hit mount Fuji. They was there for about 24 hours I think they said because We didn’t see them till Saturday night. They said it was worth it. While they was hiking we was shopping. WE was on a hunt for a tattoo shop but they was either booked or to expensive so we shopped. Omg I found my new favorite store which is loft. If you ever go to Kyoto they have a 4 story store and 5 and 6 is uniqlo. I went to loft in Tokyo after that and it was basically jus one. If that makes since lol Finally we got to go back to Tokyo because i was tired bringing my luggage every where.


We stayed Tokyo again from July 20-23. I had fun because we went to Shibuya!! I finally got to see the Shibuya crossing and we shopped at the mega don Quijote. That store is 6 floors and its so squishy. They not that cheap to be honest.  On our last day, at the airport i bought a lot of stuff since i was using my credit card lol


  • A lot of walking and stairs
  • Half your money will go to transportation
  • summer time is super hot
  • wear comfy clothes and footwear

My experience there was great. Such a different environment. I would love to go there again in the next couple of years maybe.

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